…  There’s always someone or something else needing attention or funds or time.
However a chance encounter has changed all that for me and I have been given a fresh new life without pain. Pain that has niggled and grumped at me for ten years, making me walk around like Mr Burns from The Simpsons (A description of me by my darling son, bless him!) to someone who feels they could just burst out in Fred Astaire fashion in the rain. If only it would rain.
I can move all over. It doesn’t hurt. I can stretch, pick things up, twirl, bend, walk and just LIVE life again! My tummy doesn’t hurt. My back doesn’t hurt. My arms don’t hurt. My knees don’t hurt. My head doesn’t hurt. I have this funny thing going on with the muscles around my lips and it’s making them curve upwards all the time.
The magic fingers, knowledge and intuitive work of the most marvellous and kind Gail Tumes has turned my life around.

Thank you forever!


   Heather W.



…  I followed your after care advice to the letter and once it settled after a few days, my back pain is GONE!!! Yes – you are a gifted and hard working Bowen practitioner, and I truly believe your future will have you in huge demand. You’ll never have to advertise, as word of mouth will have clients queuing at your door. Again, my sincere and pain free Thanks !      Deborah J


Have been seeing Gail for Bowen and have noticed a big difference.     Tracy W