Weekend Gardening Warrior

Ahhh … Spring!! sunny warm days, lazy afternoons, the smell of freshly mowed grass wafting through the air. A time when with a ‘little’ effort we can have the yard looking beautiful.

So what does this mean? Well for me as a Bowen Therapist it has meant I’ve had an influx of weekend gardening warriors coming through the clinic in the last couple of weeks with a variety of aches, pains and restrictions.

Pretty much they hadn’t undertaken any body preparation before starting their gardening activities such as pruning, weeding, whipper-snipping, mowing and sweeping. Additionally, they hadn’t taken sufficient breaks to rest the body when down on hands and knees to weed, standing bent over to pull out the weeds, whipper-snipping from side to side with their feet in a stationary position, and sweeping with the broom to the side of their body instead of sweeping with the broom in front of them.

All these actions led to tension and strain on various parts of the body like the lower back, knees, ankles, and shoulders. Even holding their neck at an awkward angle had an impact.

Here are a few tips to help support your body…..

Tips & Stretches

  1. Hydrate well – water aids our body to move freely and helps shift toxins. Have a drink before you start and make sure you have a ready supply of water at various points around the garden to remind you to hydrate.
  2. Stretching – why should I? Well for starters it ….
  3. keeps you flexible and reduces inflammation
  4. assists with circulation
  5. helps promote relaxed muscles
  6. helps in reducing muscle resistance
  7. helps reduce muscle soreness


  • use a cushion under your knees when kneeling. If kneeling is already a problem then sit on the ground to pull out the weeds
  • when sweeping or raking – square up to the broom/rake. Having the instrument to the side while you feet are front on can lead to strain of the side and back muscles
  • whipper-snipping – move with the instrument and move your feet. Keeping your feet in a static position can lead to strain of your leg, side, back and neck muscles


If you have overdone the gardening then give Gail a call at

Sumet Bowen Health Clinic – 0417 005 510, www.sumetbowen.com  OR find us on Facebook.

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