“Scars are just another kind of memory.” ― M.L. Stedman

If I said to you most people don’t mind hearing a good story you would probably react one of two ways….

  1. you would either hang-on to their every word and in some cases compare and try to ‘out do’ the other persons experience, OR
  2. you may cringe, retreat and remove yourself from the conversation. In fact, it may evoke strong mixed emotion for you.

Most of us have one, some of us have multiple AND they can be a sensitive subject. Everyone’s experience is different. AND this is what I would like to chat with you about.

WHAT the heck am I talking about?


 There are so many ways we can get our them.

How did you get yours?

  • was it by accident or because of an accident?
  • was it during your misspent youth or misadventure?
  • was it a surgery (planned eg. a hysterectomy or emergency eg. a C-section)?
  • was it through a sporting or work injury?


Regardless of how you got your scar or for how long you have had it, your scar WILL have had some degree of impact on your body.

For example, let’s say you stacked your bicycle as a kid. You landed on your elbow and got a pretty bad cut, but it was MINOR and didn’t need stitches, just a quick clean-up, a kiss from Mum or Dad, a band-aid and you were on your way. You have probably never given that scar another thought. In fact, once it had healed so beautifully, and it didn’t appear to impact on your daily life, it was out of mind out of sight.

  • WHAT if I told you the pain or restriction of movement you are now experiencing could potentially be related to the healing process which naturally occurred
  • WHAT if I told you just because your scar looks lovely and healed, below the surface or even deeper, there is scar tissue which could potentially be causing your pain or restriction
  • WHAT if I told you the gradual loss of sensation could be adhesions impacting on the tissue of the surrounding area.




MAJOR scars, yep the ones you now have after having your beautiful baby (planned or unplanned C-section), OR the mastectomy / hysterectomy / amputation which saved your life, OR the appendix scar you never realised could be causing your back ache.

Numerous women and men have revealed their scar has made them feel completely disconnected from that part of their body.

Others have told me their restricted movement is impacting in other ways eg.

  • slumped posture
  • back ache
  • sore neck and shoulders
  • headaches/migraines
  • leg, knee and foot pain
  • digestive and bowel issues

DID YOU KNOW – Scars can also be responsible for the loss of self-esteem and body image anxiety?

The impact can be severe and long term

The impact can affect your life overall

 There are no magic pills, creams, or solutions being promoted here.

This is a genuine, medically approved technique assisting thousands of people worldwide to potentially improve their scar.

How is this being done?

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

A simple, yet highly effective, hands-on technique with the potential to…

  • give you back better blood flow to the area
  • return of feeling and sensation
  • improve the lymphatic drainage through the area
  • improve your posture; back ache; sore neck and shoulders
  • relieve your headaches/migraines
  • improve hip, leg, knee and foot pain
  • improve digestive and bowel issues
  • improve your loss of range of movement and flexibility
  • improve your widespread sensory pain.



Want to find out more about how MSTR can help you, then

please call me, Gail, directly on 0417 005 510 for a confidential one on one chat



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