GUYS get your hands on your BALLS!!! (Part 2)

Some of you may remember my Blog from October 2017 about NJ.

Quick summary  – NJ was a new client that I only saw once – WHY? because he was in serious health distress.

Being a Bowen Practitioner doesn’t mean we can ‘fix everything’. It is extremely important for any Practitioner to recognise, as quickly as possible, when to refer or at least strongly encourage a client to investigate their health further when something seems amiss.

With NJ what occurred during his one and only treatment with me was I drew his attention to an abnormality which several other modality practitioners had not raised with him. NJ was in a very bad way. He had not been to his GP for approx 10-12years and was putting his health last and just surviving as best so he could to get to retirement.

Roll forward 8 months

Eight weeks ago on a Monday night I got a phone call. It came up as an ‘unknown’ number which I generally don’t answer at night figuring it’s telemarketing. However, absent-mindedly, I did answer.

At first I was a bit confused as to who was on the other end of the call. It took a couple of minutes and some memory jogging from the caller for me to have my light bulb moment.

NJ … OMG … (sadly I never thought I would hear from him again as his prognosis turned out to be dire).

I was in shock as he relayed his story to me about what had transpired from our meeting in October 2017. It was on a Thursday after work that he had been to see me. He had even struggled and went to work on the Friday (how I don’t know as he was in such intense pain even when he left my clinic). However, on the Saturday morning he went to get out of bed and just couldn’t move.

This was the start of his incredible life changing journey…

A visit to the Emergency Dept!!

NJ ended up in the local hospital Emergency Dept that day. A myriad of tests and scans were conducted and this saw NJ admitted to hospital. His results showed his PSA (prostate specific antigen) was through the roof.

The next day NJ and his son met with the Clinical Nurse for what he thought was an update and discharge. The nurse asked him if he was with his family and he replied no just my son. He was then hit with “I’m sorry you have cancer we need to start you on treatment immediately”.

NJ was shocked. His treatment was for seven turmors found in his spine and pelvis…. he had Prostate Cancer at the worst level.

So why did NJ call me?

Firstly, it had to do with the power of NAGGING!!!

Secondly, it was to thank me from the bottom of his heart.

NJ stated had it not been for me drawing his attention to the hard lump I could feel in his back and had I not kept saying to him (read nagged him … lol) throughout his Bowen Therapy session, that perhaps it was a good idea to visit the GP, he would be dead. Simple, black and white, dead.

A week after the phone call NJ came to see me. The difference in his appearance from when I had first met him was just amazing.

We had a good laugh and chat about the whole lead up to his diagnosis and how he had, yes, heard me nagging him to go see his GP but he had an agenda to complete first. We also both agreed that his first thought on that Saturday morning, when he couldn’t get out of bed, was probably…’What the hell has she done to me”. However, in the reality of the moment he knew he had been ignoring a potentially serious problem and he needed to now deal with it.

NJ has been through chemo and radiation treatment, was prescribed a huge cocktail of medication, lost his hair and lost a lot of weight and muscle mass.

In the first few days of his admission to hospital he had returned to his bed after a short absence to find brochures on ‘palliative care’ and ‘putting his affairs in order’. He said this was when it really hit him. He took the brochures to the Ward reception and asked what they hell are these. No-one had had the decency to have a conversation with him before leaving the brochures. It was stated to him his cancer was so aggressive he probably only had a few months to live.

This was the kick in the arse that NJ needed and he resolved with himself that he was not going to succumb to cancer. He had too much to live for.

On discharge NJ chose not to take the prescribed medications and went natural.

He’s only got one benign tumour on his pelvis (the one I had felt during his treatment). He is now putting on weight and has ‘bum fluff’ on his head. The best thing about seeing NJ is that he has natural healthy colour is back in his face and not the drawn sickly grey appearance I first saw.

What now?

Guys like I said in my blog from October 2017,


If there is anything wrong with your water works, sexual function, you are experiencing back pain and these are just a few of the symptoms, then for God sake have a simple blood test.

This is a very lucky outcome but unfortunately it’s not the same outcome for everyone.

I hope NJ stays in contact or even comes back for some Bowen to balance his body to its best potential.

Till next time


For more information about Prostate Cancer go to:-…/what-you-need-to-know-about-p…/

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