Are you hearing FASCIA being dribbled around like maple syrup on pancakes!!

What the heck is Fascia anyway?

Well the term fascia has really only been around for about 7-8 years. Prior to this you would have probably known it as connective tissue – right?

Many clients come into Sumet Bowen Health Clinic after having tried everything else to relieve their pain and movement restrictions. Most don’t even relate their pain and restriction to Fascia.

Some ailments/conditions may be new, others decades old. BUT the influence on your body is now in the realms of either setting up long term restrictive movement patterns or has already achieved its goal. That is – you are now moving in a whole different way than you should comfortably be moving just to compensate for the pain and restriction.

OK so how does Bowen bodywork and Scar Tissue Release fit into my daily practice?

I recently came across this Youtube video, shared by a fellow colleague, which beautifully describes the impacts of injury on our fascia

All those conversations I have had with you about how your pain in your ankle could be influencing your shoulder, or that surgery you had decades ago has lead to your bad posture and back ache!! This video is amazing in demonstrating what I have been saying.

Scar tissue release, simply does that – it assists to release the built up scarring, adhesions, fibrous tissue created through injury, be it surgery, sport injuries, repetitive use injuries. During your initial appointment with me we will discuss if you have any such scarring – yep how many of you have forgotten the childhood bike stack – or that you had your gallbladder removed decades ago??? It all has an influence on the body. Now I’m not saying that all injuries will have pain and movement restrictions but it’s certainly food for thought.

Think about a C-section scar. Many women complain of lower back ache and have stooped forward-leaning posture. In my practice I have assisted many many women gain back sensation to the area, achieve change in scar appearance, regain a more upright posture – implementing scar tissue release and Bowen bodywork.

Scar release work is also highly effective in other areas eg. burns, mastectomy / joint replacements / muscle tears / trauma wounds … and many more….

Add in additional Bowen bodywork to release the tension patterns, influencing other parts of the body, some supportive exercises to assist in the pattern changes and you now start to move and work in a whole different way.

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