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GUYS get your hands on your BALLS!!! (Part 2)

Some of you may remember my Blog from October 2017 about NJ. Quick summary  – NJ was a new client that I only saw once – WHY? because he was in serious health distress. Being a Bowen Practitioner doesn’t mean we can ‘fix everything’. It is extremely important for any Practitioner to recognise, as quickly […]

Help me I’m in PAIN – (Part 2)

In my last Blog I decided to take a look at the recent ban of Codeine based products and the impact this medication can have on you, the individual. While this ban has been put in place I felt not enough information has been communicated about the available alternatives for anyone who now finds themselves […]

Bowen Therapy – a Pain-management alternative (Part 1)

Key Points: From 01/02/18 codeine-containing products will only be accessible with a prescription Research and consumption trends have shown since 2009 that codeine is not effective for treatment of chronic (long-term) pain Serious risks of harm are associated with the use of codeine, including death Pain management and access to services, for chronic pain sufferers, […]

Stroke – He didn’t see it coming

At 31years of age the last thing a strapping young male would be thinking of is … A STROKE But that’s exactly what happened to GC when he experienced an Ischemic stroke in 2013. He spent almost 3 months in hospital recovering and receiving rehab to enable him to walk again. However, not much time […]

Why I do what I do

Here is another “why I do what I do” gem. We have chipped away slowly at a long term traumatic problem, PTSD, and have made significant inroads in 2 sessions. Client feedback after session the next day – “not too bad today. Chest feels substantially better today which is really good”… Session: Last week’s client […]

Middle Eastern Mince Pies

These would have to be my family’s all-time favourite home-made pies. The beauty of this recipe is you can make up the mince in bulk and store portions in the freezer ready for use. You can even make up the pies and they become a quick snack, or, just add some winter vege for a […]