About Gail?

Gail is a highly trained Bowen Therapist having undertaken Specialised training at the highest level in the original form of Bowen Therapy (Bowtech).

Gail’s additional skills and knowledge in the areas of business, people, safety and rehabilitation were gained whilst working in both private and public sectors of Top 500 companies. These skills and knowledge have also assisted in supporting many new clients regain most, if not all, their previous health and way of movement.

Sumet Bowen Health Clinic, in Forest Lake, was started after many years of desire to have a career in holistic healthcare and to provide more than just the ‘band-aid’ approach to health.

Bowen Therapy enables Gail to do just that.

From the moment you speak with, or meet, Gail you will be treated with a warm and professional experience.

When not working, you will find Gail cooking up a storm for her family (all males including the big boofy dogs), head buried in books of all descriptions, supporting local community events, OR soaking in a well-deserved magnesium and lavender bath …

Gail and her partner are also avid AFL supporters and have been members of the Brisbane Lions AFL for almost 20-years. A home game has not been the same since becoming a Bowen therapist scrutinising players range of movement as they run around the field.

On the receiving end

From a personal perspective Gail has been on the receiving end of Bowen Therapy for over 20-years, experiencing it’s gentle yet highly effective influence and outcomes on her overall body balance.

With severe scoliosis, diagnosed at 13, Bowen has literally kept Gail upright and able to live a full life. Scoliosis specifically impacts Gail’s range of movement, (hunched over like an old woman) and breathing capacity (T3 & T4 compression fractures at age 40) where it literally feels like a deep breath cannot be achieved. However, by listening to the signals the body provides, Gail sees her own Practitioner who she has been seeing for over 15-years for regular maintenance.


  • Dip. Bowen Therapy – Specialised Procedures (Bowtech)
  • McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
  • The Art of Bowen
  • Tensegrity Medicine I & II
  • FBWB Graduate Business Program
  • Safety First & CPR
  • Dip. Business (HR)