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Bowen Therapy is a hands-on manual therapy, different to massage. It helps your body to recover from pain, injury and distress faster, keeping you feeling better and healthier.



Hello, I’m Gail Tumes

I love doing what I do on a daily basis. Seeing the results my clients achieve by taking control of their well-being and helping them to return to a way of life they previously thought they may never regain is rewarding.

With the recent introduction of Scar Tissue Release technique I am also seeing results with clients who thought they would never regain their range of movement after their injury.

I am a qualified accredited Bowen Therapist having undertaken specialised training, at the highest level, in the original form of Bowen Therapy (Bowtech). …. read more


  • Have you ever had a surgery healed but still experience pain?
  • Have you lost body function and range of movement?
  • Is your scar less than desirable in appearance and sensation?
  • Does your scar impact on your daily living or affect you emotionally?
  • Do you suffer from lower back pain?
  • Did you know all of these symptoms, and more, could be as a result of your scar?
  • Did you know MSTR work is not limited to scars! It has also been shown to assist with Plantar Fasciitis, tissue damage from sprains and strains,

By releasing ‘stuck’ scar tissue (the collagen laid down after an injury), no matter how old or new the scar is, MSTR work can potentially aid in a quicker recovery, improved sensation and appearance, and return of lost function.

MSTR work influences the Meridian lines (abdominal scars cross over several of these lines) and Chakras helping to restore body balance.

Bowen Therapy works by releasing tension and trauma in your body to assist in reducing inflammation and pain.

It can help you regain lost range of movement, return you body to a relaxed state of well-being, AND, is complementary to scar tissue work, should you require it.


I don’t know how I lived for so many years in such uncomfortable and incessant pain but I guess it was just so constant that you get used to things. Women have a terrible habit of putting themselves last …read more

Heather W.

Hi Gail – Just a quick note to send you a HUGE Thank You for researching and performing the new movement on my back last Tuesday. The results are nothing short of incredible …read more

Deborah J.

So recommend Bowen with Gail to anyone with aches,pains and general life stresses and the problems it can cause in our bodies….read more

Tracy W.